Greece, Athens

Forma Marine manufactures high-quality, durable, folding aluminum boat, beach chairs and tables made in Greece.

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We are committed to ensure the durability and longevity of our products, as well as to develop new ones improved in quality, design and performance. Our extensive knowledge coupled with the experience we have accumulated over the years enable us to confirm that Forma Marine Furniture is distinguished for the sturdiness of its products and for the reliability of the brand.
Sustainability for Forma means that we are developing our products with respect to our planet and people that live on it. It is crucial for us to maintain that balance for a sustainable future.
Forma looks at the complete lifecycle of the products it develops, including the choice of materials, the origin, and their durability.
At Forma, we are aware of the interrelated environmental megatrends and we have shaped the business development and strategic thinking around them. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to undertake an active involvement for a sustainable future. In a circular economy the unwanted materials can constantly be reused and get a new life.
Forma Marine is trusted by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, who enjoy daily comfort, durability, high quality and top value for money experience.

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