Australia, Sydney

FoodSt is much more than another meal delivery service.

Main Services:

Ready meals, Dinner, Home cooked meals, Meal delivery, Italian meals, Indian Meals, Family Meals, prepared meals


We are a service that enables accredited local cooks to share their favourite family meals with others, whilst making delicious, healthy and authentic home cooked meals available to households across Australia.

Our meals are cooked by hand, in small batches and to authentic family recipes. We are not mass producing meals in factories! Our meals are actually homemade. So there are no recipe alterations to cut costs, no dulling of spices or homogenisation of recipes to meet mass market tastes. We pride ourselves on delivering food that tastes just the way that our cooks make them for their families.

We have over 100 different meal options from 26 world cuisines and 50 home cooks.

We offer next day delivery across Sydney metro making it so easy for our customers to access delicious home cooked meals. Our meals are all frozen so they are a life saver on busy nights when you are too tired or haven’t organised anything to cook. Having FoodSt in the freezer means less unhealthy takeaways and less stress in the evenings. Many meals can be cooked straight from frozen and all of our meals do not contain any added preservatives or fillers.

We are passionate about improving the quality and healthiness of food in our communities, whilst empowering cooks to share their culture and recipes with others. As passionate foodies we think the drive for convenience has driven down the quality of food overall. We are passionate about restoring the role of good food and access to it in our communities. At the same time we are committed to shining a light on the wonderful cultures and cuisines in our country.

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