Folium and Flos Plant Limited

United Kingdom, Lymington

Folium and Flos is a family-run wholesale plant nursery. Specialising in Pleached Trees, Gnarled and ancient Olive Trees, some of which are over 400 years old.

Main Services:

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Folium and Flos Plant Limited

We supply plants to landscape gardeners, property developers, garden centres and of course members of the public.

Our Pleached trees come in many varieties and create a perfect screening for above fencing height, and can create showcase talking points for your garden. With Pleached hornbeam, Pleached magnolia and Red Robin amongst our best sellers. See all the varieties of our Pleached Trees at

Our range of olive trees starts at young spiral ornamental trees and ranges up to 10-foot high ancient trees.

We also supply a large range of rootball hedging, pot-grown hedging, and topiary, including cloud trees, standard trees and more.

We welcome retail customers to our wholesale plant nursery when booking an appointment through our website at

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