Fluent Disc Sport


Fluent Disc Sport is a professional Disc Golf Course Design firm, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and providing a full range of Disc Golf related products and services to clients across North America.

Main Services:

Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Course Signage, Disc Golf Course Equipement, Disc Golf Course Assessment, Disc Golf Course Installation, Disc Golf Course Redesign, Disc Golf Course Marketing, Disc Golf Events, Experiential Disc Golf Courses, Disc Golf Course Maintenance

Fluent Disc Sport

Our design philosophy holds safety and sustainability as core tenets; values which guide our choices and help us provide exceptional Disc Golf experiences that are embraced by both player and owner.

Disc Golf Course Design is also a balance between science and art! It combines the desire to highlight and promote the natural beauty of your property, its natural resources, and what makes it unique, with statistics like throw percentages, flight characteristics, and spray patterns. Understanding both the art and the science, and executing a vision that also meets the needs and goals of you, the property owner, is something that only a Professional Disc Golf Course Designer can bring to the table.

Fluent Disc Sport has also developed a new concept in Disc Golf Course Design called Experiential Disc Golf. Experiential Disc Golf Course Design is an approach to course design that focuses on creating a unique and memorable experience for players on an emotional and sensory level. Traditional disc golf course design utilizes the natural landscape, such as trees, water features, and elevation changes to create unique, challenging, and fun courses. Experiential Course Design expands on this to create courses that are not just functional, but also incorporate elements that engage players on multiple levels.

Disc Golf Courses designed by Fluent Disc Sport aim to provide a consistently fun and challenging experience that can be enjoyed year after year. We strive to make sure every hole is something unique and special for players at any level.

Our team will work with you to identify the best fit for your property, our solutions include Recreational, Tournament and Championship Level Disc Golf Courses, as well as Compact, Skills Development, or Temporary Event Disc Golf Courses. Regardless of the size or type of property you have, we’ll ensure you can make an informed decision!

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