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Founded by a Royal Air Force veteran, FlightWay's www.pilotsnotes.com website addresses a growing need among historic aviation enthusiasts.

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Royal Air Force Publications (A.P.s), Aircraft Technical Manuals, Aircraft Operating Instructions (Pilot's Notes), Aviation Magazines, Aviation Part-Works, Aircraft Specifications and Descriptions, Aircraft Camouflage & Markings, Aircraft Flight Test Reports, Aircraft Type Added Value Packs, Aeroplane Modelling Documents, Aviation Features & Articles

FlightWay Publishing

Ever since the Second World War, collectors have been searching for and buying relics and artifacts from that and other conflicts with the consequent effect of increasing their rarity and creating higher and higher prices. The only intervention that can change this state of affairs is a decrease in the rarity of these items. Whereas the marketplace for original physical items is constricted by their availability, no such condition need necessarily apply to documentation from the era, most of which can be readily replicated.

Accordingly, for the past 15 years, FlightWay’s archiving department has been sourcing original documents and, from them, creating accurate facsimiles to offer to aviation enthusiasts. The technology employed to present the best possible end result varies with the condition of the original document. It may be damaged, damp or tobacco-stained, faded through age or sunlight, and so on. Following the initial scans of the item (on a Professional HD Book Scanner), a pdf is created which is then imported into a graphics application where digital refurbishment is painstakingly carried out on a page-by-page basis. Only when this process is complete is the facsimile document uploaded to the FlightWay Aviation Store and made available to buyers as a fully optimised pdf download.

In accordance with our policy of enabling all enthusiasts access to documents such as Official Royal Air Force Publications (A.P.s), Aircraft Technical Manuals, Aircraft Operating Instructions (Pilot’s Notes), Defunct Aviation Magazines, Discontinued Aviation Part-Works, and much more, they are all available as immediate downloads from www.pilotsnotes.com at low prices starting from £2.49.

We are focused on building the website into an economic resource for all aviation enthusiasts and to that end welcome contributions from anyone who has historical aviation documents and wishes to include them in the FlightWay Collection to share with others. Details of how to do this can be found on the website under the category ‘Contributors’.

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