United States, Newport, RI

Flar is the the first and only real-time review app for tourism and night-life.

Main Services:

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It provides users critical information to make a decision about where to go out:
+ 1-10 ratings (authenticated never fake or outdated)
+ average age of the patrons
+ current volume levels
+ crowdedness levels
+ wait to get in

in addition it provides key details such as:
+ pet friendliness
+ live music
+ reservations
+ whether the game is on
+ discount & specials

Flar provides towns’ tourism boards or chambers of commerce to digitize the experience of their visitors/constituents to ensure maximized happiness. Flar also allows the town to do attribution on their marketing spend, track visitor behaviors to their qualitative feedback and even highlight events for maximum discoverability. Meanwhile it helps bars and restaurants advertise to captivated audience and take reservations commission free.

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