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Flannels or FlipFlops is a travel blog featuring the writings, photos and lame jokes of Chantelle.

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Flannels or FlipFlops

A California girl, transplanted into the Pacific Northwest, where she now calls home. In fact, that’s where the name Flannels or FlipFlops came from! Flannels (PNW), FlipFlops (California). The name also represents Chantelles willingness and desire to travel ANYWHERE! Mountain hikes? YES! Beach day in the Bahamas? YES!
On Flannels or FlipFlops you’ll find we don’t stick to “one” kind of travel, but we definitely have our favorites. Those favorites are exploring our National Parks and hiking, and then cruise travel! (I know, so different, right?)
When exploring National Parks we like to get away from the major attractions and search for hidden gems. Also, we arena young, or that much in shape, so you can guarantee only the easiest hikes will be shown here!
When cruising, we like to break away from the cruise crowd and search out local experiences and foods.
Life is too short, and this world is too beautiful to not take advantage of every single day, so join us as we explore it piece by piece!

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