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Since 2009 we've worked with hundreds of amazing couples, photographing their weddings at some of the best and finest wedding venues across the UK!

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United Kingdom


Based between the fantastic cities of Liverpool, Manchester and Chester, we regularly travel further afield across the UK.

We may be a little biased, but I think this part of the UK offers some of the best wedding venues in the country. From the stunning Palm House at Sefton Park to the elegant Old Place in Chester, from the city chic of the Lowery Theatre Manchester to the manicured beauty of Abbeywood Estate in Delamere, you truly are spoilt for choice!

Hey, I’m Mat …

…. a dog-loving, caffeine-addicted, travel-obsessed forty-something located in the UK’s northwest who loves capturing weddings at home and abroad for my fun-loving couples!

I am passionate about creating vibrant, authentic and romantic images with timeless elegance alongside my fantastic wife, Julia.

Photography, for me, is more than just simply pictures. Photography allows us to defy physics, freeze a moment in time, and enjoy it over and over. They capture more than just light and shade; they capture emotion, joy and even that most precious emotion, love! We can revisit these moments repeatedly, re-living how we felt when the shutter fell. Photography allows us to create doorways in time, allowing us to re-live our memories again and again whenever we choose!

When memories are captured, they no longer fade. Instead, they become part of our story, our heritage. Something that we can share and pass on for generations to come.

Too often, couples regret feeling overly posed or awkward, their day photographed not captured, and apprehensive about their wedding photography.

Over ten years ago, we set out to challenge this, to put our couple’s experience and the forefront of our wedding photography and what we created was truly magic!

The style of wedding photography we created was authentic and
intentional. Neither pure documentary nor entirely staged, but a blend that captured our couples in spirit and essence. Light, when understood, can be used like an artist paints to create something magical, capturing reality in a way you may never have seen before!

While traditionally staged group photos may not be your thing, rarely are we not asked to take a few. Even when it’s simply keeping the family happy, we are always willing to round up a few group shots if asked.

After a decade of wedding photography, you may think we would have grown weary of weddings, right? But the reality is that the more time we spend photographing our couples, the more we fall in love with photographing their weddings. The joy, the excitement, the details, the tears, the portraits that take your breath away and everything else, we love it all! Even after 12+ years, the responsibility of preserving your day never gets old, and we never take that responsibility lightly.

You are unique as a couple and an individual, so how can a one-size-fits-all approach to your wedding photography work well? In short, it can’t!
We know that Fitzpatrick couples are unique, and we work hard to find them. However, we serve a particular type of couple who recognises that they need more than just pretty pictures if they want joyful, genuine portraits. They need an incredible EXPERIENCE!

Our service and your experience go way beyond the 10+ hours of your wedding day. We will be with you at every step towards your wedding, on hand to offer advice, guidance and answers to those questions you never knew you had.

The friendships and experiences we’ve created with our Fitzpatrick couples last far beyond the wedding day, and we believe that’s how it should be! So we’re excited for you to keep scrolling to learn more about how being a Fitzpatrick couple isn’t your typical photography experience; it is so much more!

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