Fit Kit Bodycare

United Kingdom, London

Fit Kit Bodycare's story begins way back in 2010, but not as you’d expect.

Main Services:

Toiletries, Shower Gels, Moisturisers, Body Recovery Shower Gel With Magnesium, Muscle Cooling Shower Gel With Peppermint Oil & Charcoal, Rehydrate Electrolyte Face Moisturiser, Body Repair CBD Moisturiser, Clear Breathing Shower Gel With Eucalytptus & Lemon , Gentle Repair Shampoo + Conditioner With Caffeine & Coconut Milk

Fit Kit Bodycare

Founder Jeremy Carson didn’t set out to start a business. He just needed to workout regularly after an arthritis diagnosis and keep himself healthy.

It was a big challenge for his body and he was constantly getting off track with workout regime because poor recovery made it difficult to train.

He started using recovery products and vitamins to help reduce muscle soreness, aches and pains. It was working, so he started making his own products using nutrients like Magnesium, CBD and Peppermint Oil which he cleverly combined with everyday toiletries, making recovery as time efficient as possible.

And so Fit Kit Bodycare was born!

Fit Kit Bodycare’s range of of products help you recover quickly and easily from workout sessions so you stay on track with your exercise regime.

Our proprietary formulations combine the worlds most effective active recovery ingredients to give you the optimum exercise recovery benefit in a convenient everyday toiletry product.

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