United States

Fit for Work was founded in Singapore in 2018 and in Ireland in 2020 offering ergonomics consultancy services.

Main Services:

Ergonomics assessment, ErgoEval - Ergonomic Evaluation and Education Tool, Ergonomic Trainings, Ergonomic Program Management, Individual Virtual Ergonomic Assessment, Ergonomic Risk Management, Wellness Event Organisation, Industrial Ergonomics Consulting


Fit for Work provides a variety of ergonomic services on a global scale to support the creation of effective and impactful strategies for your organisation by offering a range of services that are tailored and scalable, communicating simple and easy guidelines for your workers, leading to behavioural changes and long term happiness.

The uniqueness of our company’s products and services:
– Global
– End-to-end managed services
– Offices in Dublin and Singapore
– Healthcare
– Education first

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