First Canadian GPO

Canada, Toronto

We are the only group purchase organization in Canada for small to medium sized companies with over 8000 member businesses.

Main Services:

office supplies, electronics, telephone, internet, travel, home goods, clothing, shoes, business tools, medical supplies

First Canadian GPO

We have negotiated pricing with over 500 national companies based on the combined buying power of our members.
Our members save over 60 million dollars each year combined. Our members include law firms, dental and medical clinics, pharmacies, restaurants, construction companies, landscaping companies, real estate agents and real estate brokerages.
We have discounts ranging from 20-70% available to our members and their employees. The discounts are on everything from office supplies like printer paper, to print material like business cards, along with clothing and home supplies from hundreds of major brands. We have partners for electronics like computers and TV’s, partners for discounts on travel, and partners for banking and telephone and internet services for the business and for personal use.
We charge a set monthly fee of $89 that gets you and your employees full access to all discounts. This can also be white labeled and branded as an internal program at your request.
Our typical member saves $15,000 to $50,000 per year depending on the size of their company.
Our member businesses range in size from 2 employee real estate agent teams to 1000 employee construction companies. We also offer discounts to associations and unions that want to offer it to their members.

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