Finkeyz is a groundbreaking educational platform that focuses on equipping children with essential life skills as they transition into adulthood.

Main Services:

Financial Literacy for Kids, Financial Literacy for Teens, Financial Course for Children, Life Skills Program, Core Values Development, Online Learning


Our signature FinSmart program teaches financial literacy to kids and teenagers, introducing them to key concepts like earning, saving, spending, investing, economics, and personal finance through interactive sessions tailored to each student’s needs.

Our engaging financial literacy program immerses young learners in practical, home-based projects involving family finances, encouraging them to understand and adopt various financial concepts. One of these projects even challenges them to recover their initial investment in the program itself! Children’s learning is further enhanced through games, activities, and group discussions on financial topics. Parents are also encouraged to participate actively, with regular parent-teacher meetings to exchange insights on their child’s progress.

In addition to financial literacy courses, Finkeyz offers entrepreneurship and vital life skills programs for kids. Our immersive life skills courses cover decision-making, self-management, goal setting, and core values, providing young learners with a solid foundation in personal finance and essential life skills. Through real-life scenarios and interactive experiences, Finkeyz prepares students to make well-informed decisions and navigate the complexities of today’s world confidently.

The Finkeyz curriculum is designed and advised by alumni of IIM Ahmedabad, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), Carlson School of Management USA, and Queen Mary University of London, who are not only experienced professionals in finance and education but also parents themselves.

Finkeyz also offers Financial Literacy and Life Skills programs for schools. With several students across the globe, our courses are delivered live online on the Finkeyz platform by trained and qualified Finkeyz teachers, ensuring that every student receives a tailored, high-quality learning experience.

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