Find My Peace

United Kingdom, Halifax

Find My Peace offers a range of holistic healing therapies in the form of EFT (emotional freedom technique) Havening, Cymatic Therapy & Matrix re-imprinting.

Main Services:

Havening, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, Cymatic Therapy

Find My Peace

For people to truly be able to heal the traumatic events of the past not matter how big or small they are, they need to feel safe, they need to feel like they are supported and held as they take the journey.

Find My Peace does just that creating a safe environment.

EFT, Havening & Matrix Re-imprinting are psycho-sensory therapies that work on not treating the symptoms as is the case in the modern word, but instead it focuses on finding the root cause of the issues by using the body’s own physiology then easily and gently we de-potentiate the biological markers in the amygdala and in doing so dissolving the neurological pathway that was responsible for the autonomic bodily response.

Once the pathway is taken care of then all the issues they were causing simply disappear, there’s a lot more scientific talk behind it but we’ll save that for now.

The fact is all our emotional, mental and most of our physical chronic issues have an emotional traumatic root along with a rather unhelpful subconscious belief and once treated these are freed for good and you can get to living happier, healthier and lighter without all the heaviness and torment of past events.

Healing the events of the past doesn’t need to hurt but it does need to happen.

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