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Field & Moor specialises in handcrafted Country Boot and Chelsea Boots for adults.

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Field and moor

Our handcrafted boots combine comfort for long days in the countryside and stlying for those who like to be top of their game.
We have created a range of long lasting goodyear welted and storm welted boots. These are made in family owned artisan factories that have operated for several generations, passing down the handcrafted skills , based in Spain.
These products will suit those who enjoy a variety of country pursuits, game and clay shooting, riding horses, hunting, tracking or exercising their gundogs over the fields and moors. At the same time they are smart enough to wear around town with casual attire.
At the back of my mind …. “Wanted to develop a range of Country Boots that could perform in the fields and at the same time give the owner warm feelings of emotion and pride in their choice of Boots due to its fashion, style and trend appeal. Great Boots that others would give favourable comments towards and give admiring glances and ask them about even if they had only just met socially. “
Each product is named after a British Bird of Prey, in keeping with appeal to target audience.
Osprey style got the brand some recognition in the Country Boot market, it is the top seller.
A Double Buckle strap around the top of the Boot, is loved for its distinctive look.
Reinforced piece of leather as a “Gun Rest” on the vamp has appeal to those that use a gun in field sports.
Tan grain leather and Teal Grain leather are leather lined, whilst Chestnut grain is Sympatex lined which is waterproof & breathable. Although we can order individual specification for customers – normally 8 week to build in the factory.
Marsh Harrier is the New 9-inch rugged Trekking & Hiking Boot. Again, a storm welted construction that aids water repellent around the welt, as it utilises a wider part of leather that is folded back to form a barrier. More suited to upland areas, as the lacing system allows the foot to be held firmer towards the back of the heel, even when coming downhill.
Golden Eagle pull on boot, is slightly longer that finishes just below the knee. It has a contrasting suede collar and Elasticated gusset at the top to aid entry & exit of the Boot. Like all in Country Boot range its treble stitched for added strength and has a Sympatex breathable and waterproof lining.

As part of my background research for Field & Moor I visited Trade fairs in Milan and London, found factory owners that I visited on 3 separate trips to Spain and Portugal to understand their manufacturing capability and outlook. I visited 15 factories spending up to 3 days looking at every aspects of their operations and getting to know them as all were small scale family-owned businesses.
The above Boots are all made in a small factory that has been going for 180 + Years – helped with support from Military, civil police and forest firefighters contracts they have develop extensive experience in handcrafted performance products.

Our boots combine over 150 procesess by skilled artisans , hand crafted to the highest specifications with carefully chosen leathers and luxury finishing touches.This attention to detail results in product that are sustainable, expertly handcrafted and made to last.

Target Customers – The Country community has been well served for several generations by established brand such as Dubarry of Ireland, and the country collections of the highly regarded Northampton Footwear Brands.
Field & Moor is looking a carve a niche in providing Country Boots with character, styling & comfort as part of the package delivered by highly skilled craftspeople. Whilst also making the price points of the products offered accessible to a wider lady’s market than existing traditional competitors – without compromising quality.
Positioned at the ladies who have an active interest in finding suitable footwear for their Country pursuits and would not look out of place when wearing around town wearing smart casual attire. Although, as small business I also recognise it’s important we offer new colours in our range beyond variations of brown.
Started to get enquiries from customers who saw a colleague or friend wear them on a shooting day out – which is encouraging as we recognise it always takes time to build a brand awareness.
Having the product photographed alongside other Country clothing and accessories brand has helped appeal via Instagram and seeing Field & Moor product on country sporting goods brands website has proved invaluable. I’m grateful to Michael @ lensandhound who contacted me to assist growing the business, with his connections with outdoor brands and lifestyle models. Field & Moor has grown a strong following on Instagram @field_moor and recently started a Pinterest account to grow the brand awareness.
Hannah Stiles – Designer’s guidance It has been extremely useful working with Hannah, whose background is classically trained through De Montford University with Degree in Footwear design. Also, her outlook is fresh & I have found her to be strong on colours, fashion trends and styling. Hannah is aware of latest Comfort technology, able to advise of fitting and standards of workmanship on sample development.

Plans for Field & Moor – Given relaxation of Covid restrictions there has been a stronger program for attendance at key Shooting & Game Fairs throughout 2022 to support its online retail shop. Always great to meet prospective new and old customers in person. Have done home or office visits on more bespoken requirements for customers in South East of UK.
We due to attend our first International horse trails event at Bramham in early June in West Yorkshire and will attend the Scottish Game Fair for 2nd year running – currently looking at suitable County Fairs that have strong agricultural and shooting pedigree for future attendance.

Extended the ladies product range
Working on Navy grain leather version of Osprey for early Autumn, with a detachable “Gun rest” accessory so it gives options and might have wider appeal.
Also producing a small range of Ladies Storm Welted Rugged Chelsea Brogue Boots and short laced country boots, for early Autumn in natural as well as fashion colours. Anticipate that this option would be versatile with outfit combinations and have longer selling season.
Attention to personal service
Offer a bespoke service with a more tailored option on Osprey to Wider fitting customer requirements where the straps required are much wider than standard. This takes 2 months from order but allows customer to choose colour and lining options.
Trialling a new Zip pad, that allows the customer on Osprey to not continually fasten laces – hoping to have this available for all colours of Osprey.

For Spring Season 2023 seeking a select few trade partners, either Country Gun store or distinguished Brands that will take an offering from range to suit their regional client base.

Ambassadors for the Brand
Field & Moor offers a good commission scheme for Ambassadors to share in the success of the business – by promoting on social media our product range.
We have adopted a “soft approach”, as the best advocates and Ambassadors are customers who endorse the product. Full details are on the Website. -commission is 6% of sales. We are always seeking to have our customers rewarded for endorsing our products. Our website contains many 5 star reviews, which endorses the quality and performance of our boots.

My Background – 30 + Years in Footwear, fortunate enough to have working responsibility overseas in 18 countries – for global Brands – Clarks, Aldo, Wolverine & Hush Puppies – good combination of comfort, performance and fashion brands.
Most recent spell overseas in the Middle East, thought & dreamt of setting up own brand based back in the UK on my return – looking to utilise sourcing, brand development & selling experience that I had gained. To be honest I’m learning new things every day that help grow the brand and its awareness.
Wanted to combine attending Country Trade shows and online direct to customer experience. Although, initially started as a Men product range as the competitors were more traditional in outlook and approach to customer needs. However, the real growth area and potential for the business has been with ladies product range as there is a clear gap in the market – for handcrafted products at reasonable prices that cater for the Country girls and their activities.
We have established a reputation amongst male consumers, as the brand has product for an additional season.

Field & Moor is a Member of the Society of Shoe fitters which promotes healthy well-made products, dove tails in with my background in strong comfort global brands. I enjoy talking with factory owners on how to get a well-made & Boot that fits and suits end use. As well as discussion with customers their requirements & needs.
Hearing back from customers who have discovered the brand and they are so happy with their new boots is a great feeling of satisfaction that helps me feel confident the business is on the right path.
I felt there was a sufficient opportunity in the market for a new brand of Country Boot that combined craftmanship, comfort & style to cater for customers who enjoyed Country pursuits and lifestyle. Looking to scale it to around 1,500 – 2,000 pairs a year without becoming too big and impersonal. I was inspired by success of the enterprising guys behind Fairfax & Favor and followed their progress online and through PR whilst overseas as they gained traction with a new outlook and flair.

Why Country Boots ?
“ Combination of personal Background and looking for product category that I could carve out a good reputation for new brand “
I had always enjoyed the product development for the Winter Season both when I was a store manager representative on Product development committee at Clarks – Boots were a more discerning purchase and I also recognised it was a trend as all year around fashion.
With challenging climatic conditions to minus 30 degrees and prolonged Winter in the Caucasus I spent a lot of effort on product development with Franchise partners on Boot’s development. Even surprisingly whilst in the Middle East with up to 50 degrees, spent a lot of effort on the Wolverine Industrial Rigger Boots range for Oil & Gas industry.

Field & Moor is confident that it can carve out a niche Market of outdoor footwear, with combination of great service and superior made products.

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"The over riding advantage you have is the access to experts who are very familiar with how to relate to non techinal customers and nurture them to improve the performance of their websites without giving a hard sell approach. I found the guys i spoke to very interested in the point of difference of the business and emphathetic to the growing pains that its experiencing. Having the rare combination of technical know how and empathy with business owners put your heads above the competition"

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