FendaF OÜ

Estonia, Tallinn

We believe that every company should have a mission on why they are doing business. Our mission is to change the world!

Main Services:

Pet food, Pet treats, Cat food, Dog food

FendaF OÜ

We are oriented on selling human-grade food to dogs and cats as they live a very short life. So we believe they deserve the same quality as we do. After all they are our friends and family members.
We believe that every dog, no matter what is his background, deserves a piece of luxury in their day. Hence we have decided to wrap all the treats using eco-friendly materials – no plastic, but actually in a carton box. This is safe to give to your dog so that she/he can actually open the package herself/himself.
The company name somes from and the story behind FendaF are two german shepherds, Faddy and Fenton (brothers) who are now 7 years old and still get along, even though they do not live in the same household. We also call them the owners of the company. The founders are Piret and Irene, the owners of Faddy and Fenton.
We believe that changing the world starts from ourselves. No matter how small the difference, the world doesn’t change unless we start changing ourselves!

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