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In his early 20’s, Doug started his first part time home-based business in 1998. With humble beginnings, Doug quickly built an international online business from home.

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Feel Great System by Doug Collins

Decades later, in 2010, Doug discovered that his corporate executive position was going to be terminated because of a North American reorganization and merger. That’s when he took the leap and walked away from a 22-year corporate career to follow his long-held dream of being a full-time health coach working from home.

Doug is now a certified health coach and bestselling author inspiring clients all over the world to make life better leveraging an exclusive proprietary science-based metabolic health system called the Feel Great System. Doug has partnered with Unicity, a direct sales nutraceutical company doing business globally in more than fifty countries to provide world-class nutritional products to improve health and elevate performance, as part of the Feel Great System.

Doug has proven that being healthy is easy, enjoyable and actually cheaper when using science-based supplements integrated with evidence-based coaching and nutritionally balanced meal choices can make habit change easier. His medically endorsed supplements, all recommended by physicians for more than 30 years, have academic research studies published in prestigious medical journals including the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR).

With his online business based from his home, Doug personally supports his clients worldwide as he fiercely believes that many of the leading health crises in the world today can be completely eradicated by providing people with proper tools and support.

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