Federated Computer

United States

Federated Computer provides solopreneurs, teams, and small businesses with an integrated collection of the best open-source software to achieve the same results as Google Workplace, Zoom, Slack, 1Password, Github, Mailchimp, Airtable, a crappy VPN, Netlify, and so much more for one-tenth the price.

Main Services:

groupware, video conferencing, email, calendar, mailing list, no-code database, vpn, code repository, group chat

Federated Computer

Our team has been responsible for some of the biggest innovations in cloud computing including node.js, cloud operating systems, containers. We are now bringing that level of dedication and expertise to build a kind of Linux distribution in the cloud for teams.

Federated Computer’s products are 100% private, flexible, and the price is built for adoption. Our products include honest-to-goodness human support, full backups, and complete peace-of-mind. You’ll be joining the tens of millions of individuals and teams using the open source components of Federated Computer.

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