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The website is geared towards providing a whole range of services for 3 small islands set 4 miles off the coast of western Sicily, called the "Egadi islands", with a special focus on Favignana, the bigger of the three.

Main Services:

airport shuttle, ferry tickets, excursions, transfers, car, scooter and bike rentals, vacation homes, tourist information for Favignana


Favignana is a small island with just 4000 inhabitants, however it boasts crystal waters, unique natural settings, history and underwater sea life. It is part of Europe’s largest marine reserve and thus it has also become a very interesting destination for italian and international tourists. Besides the “small island” look and feel, the visitor will find a relaxing vibe and will be able to enjoy transparent and colorful waters, still rich in life. The website gives plenty of information for the island, including pictures of many of its beaches, suggestions on what to do, what to eat and what to expect during a visit.
Additionally, the website sells a range of services for Favignana, specifically: airport transfers, ferry tickets, excursions and rentals.
An airport transfer is something an international tourist would appreciate, since our booking system arranges everything automatically, calculating flight-ferry links and times, with the result that you just need to book your flight and the rest is organized consequently by the system.
Excursions are typically made by boat, and you will be able to choose between solely Favignana, which is a fairly long tour from 10am to 5pm, or also include another island of the archipelago.
Ferry booking from the website includes passengers only or vehicles and the visitor will be able to check availability and book online if they just wish the ferry ticket and if they are not interested in the airport transfer.
Rentals are typically scooters, cars and bikes, which the visitor will be able to book and find straight at the arrival.
The business started over 10 years ago with the main website egadivacanze.it and is now approaching international clients as the island’s becomes more well known in the tourism sector.

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