Faunamaster aps

Denmark, Grindsted

Faunamaster is established in 2020. Faunamaster was created on the basis of the increasing need for mobile and flexible solutions for seeding with ATV/UTV and smaller cat.1 tractors.

Main Services:

Faunamaster seeder, Faunamaster harrow, Faunamaster sprayer, Faunamaster flail mower, Faunamaster seeds

Faunamaster aps

The Faunamaster Seeder is a direct outcome of the need to sow where a normal tractor could not be used.

The right solution was not readily available on the market. So a small group of dedicated hunters, hobby farmers and nature lovers set out to develop such a solution.

The result was Faunamaster Seeder, a multi-purpose seeder which is now used for the establishment of wild gardens, flower and fauna strips and general biodiversity improvements.

Since the first machines were delivered, things have progressed rapidly and more products have been added to the Faunamaster range.

Faunamaster is now sold in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, UK and USA

But with ambitious growth targets, it is working hard to expand its dealer network in the rest of Europe.

Since the beginning of Faunamaster the product portfolio has increased with flail mowers, sprayers, disc harrows, and more innovative products are under development.

The overall vison at Faunamaster is to develop innovative products, that makes the UTV and ATV´s a working tool, rather that a leisure equipment.

Faunamaster develop and produces all prototypes, test them and the source the final production to partners that are experts in a specific area of each product.
This sourcing secures a high quality product, when each products is ready to launch to the market.

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