Farm 2 Table Project

United States, Holland

Farm 2 Table Project is a Nonprofit 501c3 Charity giving Families in need access to Organically grown Food.

Main Services:

Organic Produce, Food Bank, Catering, Hot Meals

Farm 2 Table Project

We also grow Organic Produce for 8 Nonprofits including the Greenbrier School System through the Farm to School Program.
We started this Farm in 2020 at the height of the Pandemic. So far we have helped 4285 Families in Need that have been effected by Food Insecurity. All this is done with out asking for anything in return. The only thing we ask is, take what we grow and feed your family.
This year, 2023 we have added a Protein side that we will be raising all the Protein to be processed to give families a Nutritious source of meat for their families.
We have been featured in the past on Channel 4, 11 and 16 news and have been interviewed by Arkansas Business Machine on our Mission to eradicate Hunger at the local level.
We believe that is every 1 person fed just 1 person then as a whole we can solve the Hunger Issue in this Country.

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