Faretext Limited

United Kingdom, Hull

Everything we do as a business is focused on giving organisations of any size the opportunity, and the ability, to communicate with their customers via text.

Main Services:

Bulk SMS, Email to SMS, Code-free SMS

Faretext Limited

We bridge the gap between SMS technology and the overall understanding of how text messaging can be best deployed in each of our customers’ business.

Whatever the size of your company or which industry sector you’re in, our targeted SMS solutions provide real value to your existing communication infrastructure – whether you want to provide your customers a new way to communicate to their customers, market to new customers and industries, or simply add genuine value to your existing ones.

No matter your experience or level of understanding, Faretext has a range of products suitable for every type of business that sees an advantage in communicating via SMS but not necessarily the expertise or the knowledge in how to implement within their organisation.

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