Family Twist

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Family Twist is a podcast about DNA surprises, found family, amazing adoption tales, stories about donor-conception, NPE (non-parental event aka not parent expected), surrogacy and other family twists.

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Family Twist

It’s hosted by Kendall and Corey Stulce. The pair moved from San Francisco to New England when they discovered Kendall’s birth family via a home DNA test. The podcast shares Kendall’s story as an adoptee who found his birth family, and we interview others about their family twists. The podcast is weekly, in its third season and has published more than 50 episodes. Family Twist has a global audience.
Family Twist episodes have featured triplets separated at birth, someone who found 70-plus half siblings through DNA, heartwarming and heartbreaking adoption stories and more. Most episodes have tears and laughter. There are lots of plot twists or what we call pod twists.

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