Fair Trade Jewellery Company Ltd.

Canada, Toronto

The Fair Trade Jewellery Company (FTJCo), founded in 2006, is a pioneer in ethical and sustainable jewelry practices.

Main Services:

Canada, Custom Jewelry, Jewellery, Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Canadian Diamonds, Antique Jewellery, Lab Grown Diamonds, Sapphires, Natural Diamonds

Fair Trade Jewellery Company Ltd.

It’s notable for its early adoption of environmentally and socially responsible materials in its products, focusing mainly on engagement rings, wedding bands, and custom jewelry projects​​​​.

Key milestones in FTJCo’s history include:

Founding and Early Years (2006 – 2008): Initially envisioned as a wholesale business providing ‘Oro Verde’ gold from Colombia, FTJCo shifted to direct consumer sales due to low retailer interest in responsibly sourced gold​​.

First Physical Store (2008): FTJCo opened its first store in Toronto’s historic Cabbagetown neighbourhood, offering clients a unique experience to see their jewelry being made on-site​​.

Sustainability and Certifications:

BCorp Certification: In 2023, FTJCo celebrated its 10th anniversary as a certified Benefit Corporation in March 2023, underscoring its commitment to sustainable business practices​​.

Climate Neutral Jewellery: Partnering with SCS Global Services, FTJCo developed a new standard for certified Climate Neutral Diamonds, launched in 2022, and is working towards introducing Climate Neutral Gold by 2025.

United Nations Global Compact (2020): The company joined this initiative to align its business with sustainable development goals and is actively involved with the Responsible Jewellery Council​​.

Employee Ownership (2022): Transitioning to an employee-owned model in mid-2022, FTJCo empowered its staff with greater economic and professional agency through the Employee Share Ownership Program (ESOP)​​.

Brand Evolution and Expansion:

Branding Refresh (2022): FTJCo updated its branding with a new logo and tagline, “Fine jewellery with integrity,” to reflect its evolving identity and values​​.

New Location (2022): Relocating to a larger, custom-renovated heritage building at 576 Parliament St., the company installed a transparent glass wall to showcase its jewelry-making process​​.

Social and Community Contributions:

Supporting Food Security During COVID-19 (2020-2021): FTJCo donated over $34,000 CAD to food banks and other causes as part of its community support initiatives during the pandemic​​.

YWCA Women of Distinction Awards (2016 onwards): The company has been crafting the Women of Distinction award pins for YWCA since 2016, aligning with its core value of supporting women​​.
Innovations and Achievements:

‘Just Gold’ Program (2017): In collaboration with NGO IMPACT and Consensas, FTJCo initiated the import of Congolese gold to North America, introducing a blend of Congolese Just Gold and certified recycled gold​​.
AGTA Spectrum Award (2020): Lead designer Kathleen Kerr won the Gem DIVA Award for Bridal Wear, highlighting FTJCo’s excellence in design and craftsmanship​​.

Promoting Gender Equality: FTJCo’s commitment to gender equality in the jewelry and mining industry was highlighted when Head of Production, Kesha Frank, addressed the OECD on this topic in 2018​​.

Global Supply Chain and Impact: FTJCo has been actively building evidence-based supply chains globally to reduce environmental impact and promote equitable value distribution​​.

Overall, FTJCo represents a successful model of how a jewelry company can operate ethically, sustainably, and with a strong focus on community and employee well-being.

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