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F5Weather is a provider of professional computer model guidance for weather forecasters

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F5Weather is a provider of professional computer model guidance for weather forecasters. Each computer model has a unique set of input and physics routines programmed to simulate the weather forecast. A meteorologist will typically look at as many models as possible to get a good idea of the upcoming weather. Then, using their own knowledge about the atmosphere, how the model initialized and understanding of model biases, they will make their final forecast.

Hobbyists and meteorologists alike enjoy using F5Weather for their raw forecast data. With the same data that meteorologists use, a hobbyist can use F5Weather to create their own severe weather forecasts, winter weather forecasts, hurricane track forecasts and more.

Guidance is available from models like the American GFS, European ECMWF, British UKMET, Australian ACCESS-G, Canadian GEM, German ICON, HRRR, NAM, GEFS, ECMWF ENS, GEPS, and NBM. Data can be viewed in normal map form for simple parameters like temperature, winds, pressure and snowfall totals to more advanced fields such as instability and shear. You can also drill down to a location specific table form of data.

We also have plenty of free data. Our national radar composite is highly filtered to remove false returns and colorizes precipitation with our proprietary precipitation identification logic. F5Weather also provides a current condition table that allows you to view the world and national current conditions, and sort that data by variable. It also lets you view the current extremes by location.

F5Weather’s customers range from Universities, TV Meteorologists, National Weather Service Meteorologists, private industry down to the weather enthusiast. Users are also welcome to use some of our data, such as radar, to plug in to their own site, adding valuable content to your own website.

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