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Expedreview is a new service for an emerging new industry.

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Tour bookings, Adventure holidays, Reviews, Comparison, Ratings, Adventure information, Guide services, B2B2C


The world of high-end global adventure is booming. With influencers, social media and streaming services propelling the previously obscure world of extreme adventure into the spotlight, everybody wants in on the action. The result is a booming industry with thousands of guide companies offering tens of thousands of tour products around the globe with costs of £500 to £200,000 per ticket. But these extreme adventures come with serious consequences if not executed properly. Created by Seven Summits climber and Everest Summiteer, Blake Penson; Expedreview was initially set up as a unbiased place to compare prices, ratings, inclusions and reviews of these tour products but has quickly risen to become the authority of global adventure reviews. Now implementing a secure communication and booking system, and backed by a team of global adventurers and Everest summiteers, Expedreview is set to become your trusted one-stop-shop of global adventure.

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