Exotic Python

Indonesia, Denpasar

Exotic Python factory work principles are based on making high quality products and an individual approach to each client.

Main Services:

python bags, python jackets, python wallets, python shoes, python accessories

Exotic Python

Our factory is very similar to the Italian family-owned enterprise, a design studio that makes bags and other accessories in small batches and, of course, it is all handmade. Each product that we create is made with love. These are life style things that perfectly complement your image and create an excellent mood. It is important for us that you feel what you wear. So we do not just sew genuine snakeskin handbags and other python leather products, we create works of art.

The main thing for us is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and you will come back to us again. If you cannot find the model that suits you on our website, we are always ready to create something new according to your project and taking into account all your wishes. We offer a wide palette of colors and shapes but there is one thing in our products that never changes, it is high quality.

Individual approach to each client and work on the result

We create designer items and we understand that all our customers are completely different and have their own unique taste. If you did not find what you liked with us, we are ready to create an accessory for you according to your own project or to make a bag design taking into account all your wishes.

High quality at all stages of production

We work only with natural materials. We strictly follow the rules of the technological process at all stages of production from the creation of raw materials to the finished product.

Caring for flora and fauna

At first it may seem that the company does great harm to the flora and fauna of the planet by producing products made of snake skin, lizard skin or crocodile skin. But this opinion is wrong, all products are certified and comply with the requirements of CITES – control over international trade in rare and endangered species of wild flora and fauna. Suppliers of exotic leather,which are usually in Southeast Asia, take good care of species and make sure of their reproduction,moreover, the number of reptiles increases over the years.

We are experts in the business

We are professionals at what we do and we create our products not only with love but also with knowledge and understanding of the process.

Affordable prices

We work with suppliers of leather without any third parties.That is why we guarantee low prices combined with high quality products.

Wide palette of skin colors

Trying to satisfy the maximum number of buyers, we offer a rich color palette of materials.

All products are certified

We work strictly in accordance with the current legislation and according to the established state standards for the production of this type of goods.

Express delivery around the world

Our goal is your absolute comfort. We will deliver your order all around the world. In this case you do not have to wait for weeks for your order.

Consumer protection at a high level

We are a client-oriented organization, and we work so that our clients are 100% satisfied with us. If you are not satisfied with the quality of products, we are ready to exchange them or make a refund.

Quality assurance

We guarantee premium quality for all our products. We control the quality of our products at all stages of production from the raw materials to the delivery process. We use only natural python leather and high-quality accessories in our work.

Exotic Python Factory was founded in 2011 in Indonesia. A group of people who are passionate about their business has only become stronger for the last 12 years. Our goals to give positive emotions to our customers. We are in constant search of new products, expanding the range and improving the quality of customer service.

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