Eubanks Environmental

United States, Grayslake

David Eubanks has worked as a distinguished environmentalist, ecologist and native plant designer for 30 years throughout the Chicago region.

Main Services:

native plant design, native landscaping, raingardens, butterfly gardens, prescribed burns, natural area management, woodland clearing, buckthorn removal, prairie restoration, wetland restoration

Eubanks Environmental

He works one-on-one with clients to use native wildflowers, trees, shrubs and grasses that bring life and beauty to a landscape. Projects range from butterfly gardens to raingardens to native shorelines and prairies.

Mr. Eubanks has led numerous ecosystem projects, working with hundreds of clients across 500 acres of land and lakes owned by homeowners, government, civic land trusts, private institutions, corporations, homeowner associations, and private estates.

Mr. Eubanks has worked as the consulting Aquatic Curator for the Chicago Botanic Garden as well as serving in senior environmental positions with the City of Chicago, Cook County Forest Preserve and Openlands. His credentials can be viewed at:

Eubanks Environmental can design your home, business, church, school or virtually any landscape with native plants that support hundreds of species of birds, butterflies and wildlife. We can restore wetlands, woodlands and prairies.

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