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Netherlands, Deventer

Elicious stands for sustainable, eco-friendly products that are affordable.

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Konjac Sponges, Handmade natural Soap, Shampoo Bars, Zero Waste Products, Loofah, Bamboo Products

Elicious BV

Our healthy Mission!

Our products are made from wholesome ingredients that are always clearly labeled. They are free of parabens, sulfates, toxic chemicals and unnecessary additives – pure and simple….just Elicious.

A little more explanation is nice. We, father and daughter, consider our living environment more than important. And that living environment stretches from Europe to Southeast Asia; yes many years in the middle of “where it happens.

So it hurts a bit to only read about the much waste with which Asia is associated (often in places visited en masse by tourists, by the way) because that is only 1 aspect of that beautiful continent that is ultimately also loved by many of us.

Yes, there is a waste problem, but even there it has received attention and there are many initiatives for reusing materials. These are used to make products that may not be as ‘fancy’ as the Western world would like to see, but they do clean up!

In addition, Southeast Asia is of course a source of so many ingredients that we all love so much; in our food and in our personal care. Which in turn are used for all sorts of products made here in Europe. The people there are for the most part still very close to nature and we sometimes look with amazement at the knowledge they have and how they apply it.

With knowledge we often marvel at what we think are too high prices for those products with which we can take up the challenge to bring nature back into balance. Because that can only happen if we all do it together, not just a select few who can afford it.

And so here we are; with a beautiful collection that is truly “clean” and at prices that make you want to jump for joy. Agreed?

And we just want to convince you with our products. We don’t use all kinds of ‘social proof’ persuasion techniques to get you to buy faster. We are patient, like nature.

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