EDIS Global

Austria, Vienna

Infrastructure to leading global VPN providers

Main Services:

VPS in 40 Countries , Domain name registration , Website hosting in 40 countries , PHP8 , MySQL8 , KVM , TUN/TAP enabled VPS

EDIS Global

EDIS started back in 1999 and is now amongst the largest domain name registrars and website hosting firms in Austria. EDIS helps startups, small- and medium sized companies, to roll out cloud infrastructure on 4 continents, in more than 40 countries, on fully geolocated infrastructure with multiple, lowest latency uplinks. EDIS provides infrastructure to leading global VPN providers. All VPS provided are 100% SSD-based, come with recent Intel processors, fully-automated installation routines for most common linux distributions are provided. You can also bring/upload/boot your own iso and migrate your own servers in EDIS Cloud. EDIS also provides 100+ ready-to-run Turnkey distributions. Oh, and besides that, EDIS employees love to help you getting started and are ready to help 365 days a year. EDIS provides support in 24 timezones and multiple languages.
EDIS provides KVM based VPS in Dubai, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Greece, Isle of Man, Hong Kong, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Sicily, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Slovenia, United Kingdom, the USA and many more exciting locations to launch soon.

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