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East Africa Safari Guides is a locally owned safari experience!

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East Africa Safari Guides

We specialize in providing luxury travel packages and customized travel experiences across Tanzania, with more than ten years of delivering excellent, tailored travel advice to our customers across the globe. EAS Guides is the leading leisure safari company operated by a small group of experts who have traveled extensively throughout Tanzania’s stunning landscape, thoroughly exploring every area we recommend to our clients. Our stellar reviews demonstrate the quality of our experience, helping you discover our great country via bespoke safari experiences.
We are dedicated to giving back to the local community. Every year, we send ten girls to school. We also participate in environmental conservation projects such as Carbon Tanzania, a social enterprise addressing deforestation and forest degradation. Plus, 90% of our workforce is locals, helping us return money to the community.

Our luxury tours

Our tours are exclusively private and curated for high-end travelers seeking an authentic safari experience in Tanzania. Our signature luxury packages come with different unique options that no other operator offers: private charter safaris, classic, sophisticated safari lodges, hotels, tented luxury camps, luxury mobile explorer camps, private villas in Serengeti National Park, private sanctuaries, retreats, and resorts… We offer discerning adventure seekers the very best.

Our attention to every single detail is what makes our clients’ experience exceptional. Most of our itineraries are bespoke, taking travelers off the beaten path and to the most unexplored places in Tanzania. All activities are well-tailored to meet the needs and interests of our travelers. And, of course, all our selected and proposed luxury tours are sustainable and help conserve the environment so future generations can enjoy Tanzania’s beauty.

Our Crew of Experts

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, with over four decades of combined experience. Each team member knows every corner of the country. Our warm, friendly rapport in the office translates into a brilliant experience for travelers. Although our team is divided into several units, it is united by one simple, beautiful word: “LOVE.”

Sales team

Our sales representatives with excellent communication and a comprehensive understanding of the current travel environment, so they see what our travelers need before they even know it. They visit a hundred luxury properties each year to ensure they can select the best places for our travelers to stay so they can have a fantastic safari experience.

Safari guides

Upon leaving Tanzania, all our travelers express their heartfelt appreciation for our expert safari guides. They have a comprehensive knowledge of fauna and flora and can offer information about the African continent from History to zoology. Our driver guides are experts on the ground, each having taken at least 150 trips. Our guides attend various workshops and travel seminars every year to ensure they meet our lux tribe family interests. Certified by The College of African Wildlife Management, all our guides are also trained in first aid. Some of our guides have traveled with famous names, including world-renowned photographers, actors, and mountaineers.

Safari vehicle

Having a well-oiled vehicle is essential on safari. Some of our travelers prefer flying from one point to another, while others prefer driving through our African roads to enjoy our beautiful Tanzania country on the ground.
Our best safari vehicles are equipped with all essential luxury equipment such as Wag Talk Radios for communication in case of emergencies, bean bags for supporting photography, a small refrigerator for keeping our travelers’ drinks cold, a pop-up roof to maximize the game viewing, leg room for guests’ comfort, binoculars so you don’t miss seeing the amazing animals, and wildlife books for your reference.
Before we send our vehicles on a safari, we carefully check them in our workshop in Arusha. Every evening after the game drive, all our vehicles are washed to maintain our high standards with regard to the comfort of our clients.

Travel Insurance

We understand each of our lux family tribe travelers buys international travel insurance to cover them. However, as a leisure travel safari company based in Africa, we are aware of how the continent’s geography can delay the response of international travel insurance companies due to various factors. So, we decided to give every traveler local travel insurance, which covers aeromedical evacuation in an emergency while on safari. Our insurance also includes search and rescue in case a client is lost, out of the hospital treatment and evacuation if civil unrest occurs.

Luxury treatment.

Our lux family enjoys VIP treatments and special offers, including complimentary spas, free cultural tours, and town tours.

The Essence of Tanzania Luxury Trips

1. Tanzania Family Luxury Trip

Tanzania is paradise on Earth, promising peace, calm, wilderness, and fun, making it a perfect place for families to enjoy a brilliant vacation. At EAS Guides, we regularly take our own families on safari, so we know how to create the most fantastic luxury itineraries that will amaze all your family — featuring all the animals that your children have seen in The Lion King, Simba (lion in Swahili), Pumba (Ngiri in Swahili), giraffes, elephants, and many more.

Our national parks and reserves aren’t fenced, so our team of experts selects the safest, most secure, and well-positioned accommodations so you can relax and have fun without worrying about your safety or privacy.

Our family travel itineraries include an activity mainly for children, like archery in our partner accommodation in Serengeti National Park, such as Lemala Nanyukie and Lemala Ejewan, through their Lemala Cubs Club. We also offer cultural experiences.

Our recommended accommodations offer interconnecting family rooms so parents can stay in one large furnished luxury tent with their little ones while maintaining privacy. Our suggested lodges and camps provide cots if traveling with younger children who might need one.

Honeymoon Safaris

For newlyweds, Tanzania is still a top destination! Most of the country remains unexplored, providing romantic, exhilarating, and luxurious experiences for new couples. EAS Guides curates each luxury honeymoon package in Tanzania according to your needs and desires.

Combine wild safaris and beautiful beaches for a fantastic honeymoon experience in Tanzania. Discover unique places like Mafia Island, Selous National Park, where you can float over the Rufiji River, Ruaha National Park, Lake Victoria, and Rubondo Island. These exotic locations will make your honeymoon trip in Tanzania unforgettable. Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater are still the best places for honeymooners, where you can enjoy exceptional luxury accommodations perfect for lovers. For travelers who would like to celebrate at the top of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, you can do so accompanied by our expert climbing team, who will make your dream come true.

Our honeymoon packages to Tanzania include private dining, bush breakfasts, bush lunches, and romantic games. Speak to our travel specialist to add a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti Plains or the Ruaha National Park to your honeymoon plans. A walking safari and night game drive in Tarangire National Park make your honeymoon safari in Tanzania even more special.

Walking Safaris

The best way of connecting with nature in all its beauty is to go the extra mile and get out of your safari vehicle. Walking safaris are an excellent opportunity to experience the bush at its best.

You will be accompanied by an armed game ranger to keep you safe every step of the way. While it’s infrequent for animals to become a danger to humans, it is important not to intimidate animals, especially elephants, which can be threatening if they are accompanied by their babies. Tarangire National Park, Nyerere National Park (The Selous), and Arusha National Park are the best places for memorable walking safaris during your Tanzania wildlife safari.

Regarding the length of the safari, you can choose from various options. You can opt for a short walking safari, which lasts 1 to 4 hours, or a longer walk, which takes 4 hours.

We don’t allow children below 5 years old to participate in a walking safari tour. However, if you’re traveling as a family, we can provide a nanny to care for your young ones.

Regarding what to wear during walking safaris, our Tanzanian professional safari planners will explain everything when booking.

Balloon Safaris

Another memorable way to explore the majestic Tanzanian landscape! Float above a pride of lions in Serengeti National Park or a herd of wildebeests crossing the Mara River in Northern Serengeti National Park. Balloons operate from 5 am to 10 am, so you can witness the African sunrise in all its glory. After your incredible balloon safari, savor a delicious bush breakfast and collect your certificate, which shows your name and date of flight. Then, your guides will pick you up, and you’ll embark on a day game drive. This experience is available throughout the year.

Night Game Drives

What else would you like to be added to your African safari? Embarking on a night game drive is another striking way of exploring nature. Maybe you’ve been wondering how active wildlife is during the hours of darkness… This is your chance to see all the nocturnal animals on your bucket list.

Only a select few companies are permitted to conduct this activity. All of our luxury accommodation providers offer this unique adventure. In particular, Tarangire National Park and Serengeti National Park are ideal for a night game drive.

Night game drives are usually two hours, from 8 pm to 10 pm. All the vehicles are equipped with modern spotlights and are open-sided to maximize your view of the fantastic animals.

Photographic Adventure

Home to National Geographic photographers… Yes! Tanzania is the best place for professional photographers. This majestic country offers millions of opportunities to capture incredible moments. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer or a landscape photographer, there are plenty of opportunities. From the spectacular Serengeti’s wildlife to the snowy peak of Kilimanjaro, the only free-standing mountain on Earth and one of the seven highest summits, you will have amazing photos and moments to share with the world.

Our vehicles are well-equipped for this work, and our driver guides know where to take you to achieve the best angles. In Tanzania, you need a minimum of fifteen days for a photographic itinerary. Our travel specialist can explain in more detail; contact us today.

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