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eArtFilm.com is your source for beautiful movie poster artwork, from the silent era to the present, for your home or business.

Main Services:

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We are a reliable seller of original vintage movie posters. One sheets and other styles from your favorite films throughout world cinema. Perfect for home decor or workspaces and as an investment in collectibles. Photos and descriptions let you know exactly what you’re buying. Shipping and return policies you will love. Movie posters are pieces of history that look great hanging in your favorite spaces.

Many of our items fall into the hard to find or one of a kind category while we are also sourcing popular titles, directors and actors.  Most posters prior to 1990 were folded for easier shipping to theaters. We note in the posters description whether a poster has been folded or not and detail its condition. Some of our posters have been linen backed, which helps preserve and restore these artworks. Other posters are sold as they have survived through the years. Imperfections can add to a poster’s mystery and beauty. Poster sizes are approximate and may be a fraction larger or smaller than noted.

Posters from movies like Cool Hand Luke, The Sweet Smell Of Success, Star Wars, Goldfinger, Halloween, Bullitt and Jaws, along with a revolving collection of thousands of posters for your favorite films. Enjoy your search!

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