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Handmade, cold processed soap

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Handmade Soap , Cold Processed Soap , Skin Care

Dungeon Soap

Dungeon Soap is thrilled to be one of a small number of brands in the ever growing world of handmade soaps to serve the fantasy and role playing niche. After seeing countless off putting ads for similar products, we decided to do something about it! Plus it’s fun to squash the long standing stereotypes of geeks and nerds like us not showering!

We’re proud to offer quality handmade, cold processed soap, with only the finest therapeutic grade essential oils and responsibly and ethically sourced materials from across the realm. Our soaps are completely free of all GMO ingredients, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, unnatural preservatives, and petroleum products.

Our staff is just our TTRPG Party who wanted to take better care of our skin. Turns out some other parties liked it too and we deiced that it would be a fun adventure away from the table.

What we want to get out of this is simple:

– We want people smell our products and remember awesome moments they had with their friends over a role playing game

– We want to inspire RPG groups to play more. To give them ideas, inspiration, and help make new legends around the table

– We want to get more people to try our beloved hobby, if only just one time

– And of course, we want more people to take great care of their skin!

We hope your party loves the product as much as ours does!

So go forth brave Adventurers! Relive your greatest Role Playing moments with fantastic scents based on mighty monsters, myths, and legends. Tell amazing tales of old, forge new legends, and gather loot from the Dungeon!

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