Dundee Candle Works

United Kingdom, Dundee

Founded by Dr Katie Watson in the heart of Scotland, Dundee Candle Works produces luxury home fragrance products inspired by the East of Scotland, most notably coconut wax scented candles.

Main Services:

Home Fragrance, Scented Candles, Reed Diffusers, Scottish Gift Sets

Dundee Candle Works

Scents include Whisky (or Whiskey) Marmalade, Firs & Fairways and Marmalade & Lime, amongst others. The East of Scotland is well known for whisky, marmalade and golf and Dundee Candle Works produces unmistakably Scottish luxury home products which celebrate these.

Products available at Dundee Candle Works include coconut wax scented candles, large reed diffusers and luxury Scottish gift sets which consist of one scented candle (180ml glass) and one large reed diffuser.

All Dundee Candle Works products are vegan and come in 100% natural jute gift bags which are biodegrable. The company takes great care to minimise environmental impact and adopts a zero plastic approach in product development. The slightly rustic jute fibre (or hessian) gift bags which products are presented in are a wonderful link to Scotland’s history and make for beautiful gifts.

Why coconut wax? Although it’s an expensive wax, it has many advantages over traditional waxes including better green credentials. Soy wax is linked to heavy deforestation in South America and parrafin wax is a byproduct of the petrochemical industry. A bleaching agent is added to parrafin wax to improve the appearance and the unperfumed fumes are similar to those of combusting diesel. Most people would probably be surprised at how widespread the use of parrafin wax is. Coconut wax is naturally light and pure in colour and also burns very cleanly. It even lasts longer than other waxes, including soy. For Dundee Candle Works, choosing to use coconut wax was simple!

Dundee Candle Works have some fantastic five star local stockists and is perfect for anyone looking for a luxury Scottish gift. Whisky Marmalade and Marmalade & Lime are proving to be favourites, along with Firs & Fairways, which celebrates the beautiful Scottish golf courses in the local area, including The Old Course in St Andrews, Carnoustie and many more.

Whatever your favourite fragrance happens to be, Dundee Candle Works can be sure to provide a beautiful high quality Scottish gift for any home.

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