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Data driven graphic design

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Graphic Design , Web Design , Art , Illustration , Consultation , Branding , Business card design , Marketing material , UX Design , T-shirt design

DS Design

Dan Smith & DS Design provides informed, data driven graphic design, web design, branding, art and illustrative services nationwide.
The process is simple, yet effective:

I.D. Problems & Research
Before beginning any design project it’s wildly important we understand who, what and why we’re designing. I start with understanding your company, it’s values, goals and your competition.

This is step one in our collaboration.

Once we have the necessary data about your project I do an analysis on the findings and create insights we can design towards.

This is also when I create the design brief that will outline the scope of work, mood boards, data analysis with insights & a timeline including dates for each milestone. This will also include the initial round of sketches ready for your feedback.

This is where we create ideas based off of the research findings and data. These will include rough sketches, requiring feedback & ultimately your approval before moving forward to the final solution.

This is where I save you money. It’s much cheaper to change a project in process than one that is already complete.

Final Solutions
This is where we do our final round of designs. Hi-Fi mockups will help stakeholders see the final product in action. Once again, we have the opportunity to gather more feedback and analyze our solutions to ensure we’ve covered all the bases and created a solution that works for you and your brand.

I also have my own line of t-shirts and other products for sale in the “Store” portion of the website.

Diib Reviews by our featured members:

"I enjoy how it allows me to review important metrics all while giving me logical objectives to improve my website"

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