Drippz customs

United States, Nashua

I think what sets me apart from other print on demand companies is that I want break into gaming world.

Main Services:

Sublimation T-shirts, sublimation arm sleeves and various polyester materials, Custom hydrographic film on gaming controllers, hand-painting\/ airbrush footwear, Print on Demand , Customer asks to add patterns or art to footwear, gaming controller or shirts, etc

Drippz customs

I started my business concept about 2 years ago by just wanting to change my career background in automotive. I’ve always had a passion for art but didn’t know how to make a career from it. What I would like to provide is a service, where I can customize gaming accessories, footwear, T-shirts, etc but with a print on demand idea. So I would like to have a print on demand service where if someone wanted to brand or apply art to an item I can help. I can use processes like sublimation, to add art to t-shirts and other polyester materials, hydrographic film to add images/patterns to gaming controllers, hand-painted/airbrush art on footwear. Print on Demand intrigues me cause no upfront cost and no inventory to keep growth a big focus in the beginning until people know my name/brand.

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