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Dreams Nailed

We started our business with the idea that everyone deserved high quality Gel Polish without needing to be a State Licensed Nail Technician or Cosmetologist. We fell in love with a Gel Polish brand that is based in Canada who had the very same idea and we became a Stockist with them. We didn’t just stop with that though. We also joined a Nail Art company that made creating amazing art incredibly easy. Not all of us can draw well, Myself included. We were on a mission to bring these amazing Nail Products to the United States. No custom fee’s.. No import taxes… quick easy shipping to those here in the States.
There was something else on our minds as well. Nail Care, specifically Cuticle Care. Most people just use lotion on their hands and call it a day but that may not be helping keep their Nails and the skin around the nail ( the cuticle ) hydrated enough to prevent Hangnails and keep their Nail Plates nourished. With that we created our first Critical Cuticle Cream. Organic Ingredients aimed at resolving the dreaded hangnail. We created a balm like formula that goes on effortlessly and absorbs quickly, leaving only a soft lingering fragrance behind. Cuticle Oils can be messy and it can look like it’s just sitting on top of your skin instead of absorbing into the skin. Our formula was/ is completely ‘Grease’ free. Then we thought about the summer months. Our balms will melt in high heat and we didn’t want that to lead our customers away from taking care of their nails. So we created another formula but instead of a balm we used all oils. Rich Oils that had the same effect as our balms. Glides on effortlessly and absorbs quickly.
Now we are working on expanding even more with our own product lines. Press On Nails for those that cannot wear nails because of their career or a medical condition. A Men’s oriented Balm, Whipped Body Butters and Whipped emulsified Sugar Scrubs. All aimed at providing our Clients with the best ingredients possibly to give them healthy hydrated and nourished skin and nails.

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