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Searching for non-medication ways to help him manage his focus, and his extreme hyperactivity

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I started ADHD-Naturally.com because my son was diagnosed at 7 years old and even though we tried every medication offered, the meds never worked to help him focus. His grades never improved. We started searching for non-medication ways to help him manage his focus, and his extreme hyperactivity.

Even though the school system consistently told him he was “less than” his peers, I knew he had and continues to have these amazing qualities like thinking outside the box, problem solving in unique ways, the ability to relate to anyone at anytime and so many more. He is going to do great things as long as I preserve his self esteem in a world that tells him he’s mentally ill.

The website serves two purposes….1) encourage, inspire and motivate those with ADHD to see their own unique gifts and strengths (Heroes are Hyper) and 2) research and present ways to manage ADHD without medications such as diet, meditation, yoga, supplements, CBD, sleep routines, working with the school system and advocating for your student/child, basically a whole body and support system approach to raising a Super Hyper Hero. After all, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Albert Einstein and many more innovators, athletes, and entertainers are known to have had or have ADHD.

Along with needing more traffic and credibility to the site, I would like to expand the site to include a directory of service providers who specialize in ADHD. Because finding help and resources, beyond a doctor prescribing adderall, is almost impossible.

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