Draught Beer At Home

United Kingdom

Draught Beer at Home was created just after the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic began when we saw all our pubs, bars and hospitality venues began to slowly close down.

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Draught Beer At Home

This left people with no choice but to do their entertaining at home and a lot of people craving a draught pint!

People didn’t know that there was actually a really good wide range of draught beer machines on the market, so we set out to review what was out there so people could choose the right machine for them. Alas, draught pint drinking was restored!

We also added a blog with some useful articles for home bar enthusiasts and also more recently our ‘home bar store’ which features great accessories for your home bar experience.

Our mission is to bring independent product reviews from the draught beer machine market and also direct you to and offer you products to help you create the best home bar experience!

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