Dragn Yoga & Wellbeing

United Kingdom, Warrington

I teach Yoga and Meditation along with Conscious Connected Breathwork facilitation based in Warrington, Cheshire UK.

Main Services:

Yoga Teaching, Meditation Teaching, Breathwork Facilitation, Wellbeing Courses, Corporate Wellbeing, Private Tuition

Dragn Yoga & Wellbeing

Offering public in-person and online classes, workshops and retreats, 1 to 1 and small group coaching sessions, and corporate well-being workshops and packages.

Teaching from my own experience improving physical posture and maintaining better physical and mental health, to managing stress to dealing with challenges and adversity. Facilitate your own healing and growth, cultivate a strong body and a resilient mindset to lead an integrated life that is in alignment with your values.

Ways You Can Work with or Practice with Me
Yoga is much more than stretching the body, it combines movement, mindfulness and breathing exercises. Which forms a complete system for cultivating better physical and mental health. You do not need to be flexible or fit to begin. You are welcome to work within your own limits and levels of experience.

Consistency and showing up for yourself regularly is the key to success in anything. The same applies to being the best version of you. If you are interested in practicing or working with me, below are the ways in which we can work or practice together. I offer classes, workshops, corporate well-being, private and group Yoga Meditation and Breathwork in Warrington and surrounding areas. I also offer sessions online and can travel further afield too.

Dragn Yoga & Wellbeing was founded by David Balfe, a Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork teacher from Warrington, Cheshire, UK. He has practiced Yoga since 2013 when he discovered Hot Yoga. At the time he was lifting weights and training in Thai Boxing. Hot Yoga became a perfect complement to his other physical pursuits. The benefits included improved mobility and flexibility, improved core stability and better posture. The most noticeable effect of this practice however was the sense of increased mental calm and clarity.

During a period of sustained life challenges, he became chronically stressed, anxious and under immense pressure at work. It was during this time that he discovered the stress-relieving and transformative qualities of Yoga. It has since become a perfect antidote to the pressures of modern life.

His teachers encouraged and inspired him to train to be a Yoga teacher. In 2019 he graduated from his 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yogacampus. Then in March 2021, completed a further 100-hour meditation teacher training with Yogacampus. In May 2022, he completed a 7-month Conscious Connected Breathwork certification with Integrative Breath. His fascination with Yoga, meditation and breathwork continues to deepen.
He has trained with great teachers such as Graham Burns, Jane Craggs, Jill Amison, Isabell Britsch and Steph Magenta & Rae Riedel.

David is driven to share the power of Yoga and breathwork with others who seek to transform their lives.

Now more than ever, spiritual practices that teach us to look within are needed in the world. Yoga captures the holistic nature of the physical, mental and spiritual practice.
My motivation is to teach men and those who engage in physical sports and activities, although my teaching is applicable and open to all. My teaching approach is strong and physical but over time, I have developed a more gentle approach (as my teachers have often advised!).

The Dragn Yoga logo and branding and design encapsulate the bold and fearless dragon archetype, coupled with the fearless determination of the disciplined spiritual warrior. It also represents the rebellious non-conformist nature of finding your own path through life and not simply following the crowd.
Have you ever heard of Enso? It is a concept from Japanese culture that centres around spirituality. Enso is a hand-drawn circle in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

The Enso symbolises absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). It is characterised by a minimalism born of Japanese aesthetics. The circle may be open or closed. The Dragn circle in the logo is incomplete, allowing for movement and development and the perfection of all things. Zen practitioners relate the idea to wabi-sabi, the beauty of imperfection.

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