Dr Lara Zib

United Kingdom, London

Dr Lara Zibarras is the food freedom psychologist and works with women to help them develop a healthy and happy relationship with food.

Main Services:

Food Freedom, Coaching, Healthy mindset, Overcome emotional eating, Manage emotional eating, Heal relationship with food, Eat without guilt, wellness without obsession, 1:1 coaching, online course

Dr Lara Zib

She combines her background in psychology, nutrition coaching, and intuitive eating to help you heal your relationship with food and body image.
She says….
If you’re someone that spends your waking moments thinking about food – what you can and can’t eat, or planning your next cheat day….
What should I eat today? Is there too much sugar in this? Does it have too many calories? Is it healthy enough?
Then, I totally understand. For years my fad diets and healthy eating plans left me feeling helpless and overwhelmed. I spent most of my adult life with a very negative relationship with food.
Intense diets. Rigid healthy eating plans. Extreme restrictions. Bingeing. Emotional Eating. Purging. Bulimia. Orthorexia. Avoiding social events because I was scared of food. Gorging at the buffet table. Detoxing. Being sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free. Falling off the wagon countless times.
Food used to be my enemy – there were daily battles with food, calories, the bathroom scales, and an intense self-loathing when I looked in the mirror.
What I really wanted was food freedom:
• To feel in charge and confident around food
• To eat dessert without guilt
• To be “healthy” without the obsession
• To give up the constant monitoring of calories, grams of sugar and labels.

It all changed for me when I discovered food freedom… I learnt the science and psychology behind the negative spiral of food struggles, binges and emotional eating; about toxic diet culture; and I started to shift to a health mindset (where the focus is on eating and exercises for health and not weight).

I learnt how to feed myself, to listen to my body’s wants and needs, to eat with absolutely no restriction. And finally, after many years I’ve moved from loathing my body, through body neutrality and finally body acceptance.

And now this is my life’s mission – to help anyone who’s ever struggled with food, body image, emotional and guilty eating.

If you are frustrated with food restriction and feeling out of control around food, then my coaching services could be just what you are looking for.

Through my online courses and 1:1 coaching, I can help you go from struggling with food and feeling out of control around food, to developing a healthy and happy relationship with food. No guilt, no shame, and no obsession.

What do my clients say?

Here’s two clients who have recently completed my programs,

“Doing this course has been the best investment in myself and my future as it’s enabled me to stop putting things off and really start living my life NOW. It has helped undo the myriad of diet culture junk that had been woven and embedded into my brain over years of diets and “healthy eating plans” which just warped my relationship with food and as a result impacted me mentally, psychologically, emotionally, socially, and physically. Plus, I no longer waste money getting sucked into BS diet culture and health and fitness fads! Thank you soooo much Lara for all your guidance and support.”

“I am someone who’s spent years yoyo dieting… having a real problem with food and what eating was for me and how it made me feel guilty. I found the course and… it really helped me think differently about food and that relationship with food. Now I feel a lot happier in myself… feeling OK to eat what I want, when I want.”

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