Dr. Jane’s ITS (Incontinence Training Stimulator)

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Whether you have leaks while running/coughing/sneezing (stress incontinence) or have difficulty making it to the bathroom on time (urge incontinence) or a little bit of both (mixed incontinence), Dr. Jane’s ITS can help!

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Dr. Jane's ITS (Incontinence Training Stimulator), Kegel exerciser, Vaginal adaptor\/electrode for the ITS, Rectal adaptor\/electrode for the ITS, External electrodes for the ITS

Dr. Jane’s ITS (Incontinence Training Stimulator)

In fact, our Incontinence Training Stimulator has different programs specifically designed to treat all the different types of incontinence.
We are Doctors of Physical Therapy, and have helped over 60 000 women over the past 25 years. Pelvic floor electric stimulation has been shown over and over to be a safe, effective, and medically-proven treatment for incontinence. Technology advances over the past 10 years have allowed us to develop a device for in-home use, which is just as safe and effective as the ones used in our clinics.
Incontinence does not have to define your life. Thousands of women have told us that treating their incontinence has allowed them regain their independence, boost their confidence, improve their self-esteem all while saving a lot of money on pads and diapers.
1 in 3 women develop urinary incontinence at one time in their life, and most of them are dismissively told to “just do Kegel exercises”, which almost always fails. Here’s why: 1) When your pelvic floor muscles are weak, you will cheat while doing Kegels and use the wrong muscles…further, most women do not even know which muscles to work! 2) Even if they get it right, most women will do 12-15 clenches and stop because they’re bored, the muscles are tired, or they think they’ve done enough. An automatic, electric Kegel exerciser, like Dr. Jane’s ITS, will contract the right muscles each time and every time. Simply sit or lie down comfortably (feel free to read, watch TV, surf the web, etc), turn up the intensity of the device, and let the ITS do perfect Kegels for you, for 30 minutes daily. You are getting hundreds of contractions a day compared to just 12-15 clenches. Most women see great results in as little as 304 weeks, however we do recommend a treatment plan of 3 months.
Our devices are built to our specifications, and are FDA and Health Canada approved. We ship directly from Canada, so your package will arrive quickly! What really sets us apart is the fact that we are Doctors of Physical Therapy, and one of doctors will talk to you if you need extra help and guidance. We’re a bit alarmed that there are some people (competitors) who sell similar products and proudly claim on their website that they have no medical training. Others are selling cheap imports that are quite frankly dangerous. Please be weary of who you’re buying from.

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"I like that they have different plans available, for any budget. Personally, I like that they have some "done for you" options. I appreciate being informed of the progress. I like the dashboard...easy navigation and plenty of info"

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