Dovenden Limited

United Kingdom, Tenterden

The Dovenden design and manufacturing team have been developing high efficiency cordless lighting

Main Services:

Cordless table lamps , Rechargeable battery operated lamps , Wireless table lamps , Battery operated lamps

Dovenden Limited

The Dovenden design and manufacturing team have been developing high efficiency cordless lighting since 2012, our designs are used in hotels, restaurants and homes all over Europe as decorative table lamps, nursery and children’s night lights, bedside lamps and outdoors for Al Fresco dining.
Our designers had previously been involved in providing reception equipment for the satellite communications industry, supplying amongst others the BBC, The University of Kent and the UK Home Office.
We were motivated to investigate cordless lighting following a request by an existing client who had been unsuccessful in sourcing suitable lamps, it soon became evident that cordless table lamps with the light output of mains lamps were indeed difficult to find. The majority of products on the market were generally low level background devices or lamps whose cost made them unaffordable for most consumers. With this in mind we spent the next eighteen months developing suitable electronic control units, Led bulbs and extensive testing of differing rechargeable battery technologies. We commissioned artisan ceramic companies to produce high quality lamp bases in a number of differing styles.
We are focussed on creating elegant, easy to use products, at home with any décor, indoors or out.
The Dovenden ceramic range of rechargeable cordless lamps are handcrafted from high quality ceramics and stainless steel. High efficiency LED bulbs, advanced battery and control techniques ensure low energy consumption, giving up to 168 hours of continuous light.
The fluid contemporary lines of our ceramic cordless lamp range are realised in pure white and a variety of colours. Our ceramic lamps are designed in house, the bases are produced for us in central Portugal by a long established family business using a blend of creativity and technical expertise. Portugal has a rich tradition of ceramics production and has a worldwide reputation for quality and style. Moorish inspired decorative white and blue tiles have been made in this area since the 16th century.
All lamps have a low centre of gravity, this and the relatively heavy ceramic body ensure stability. The bases are fitted with rubber anti-slip feet, protecting mounting surfaces.
A 5 stage LED display in the lamp base indicates remaining charge in the battery. Charging is carried out by plugging the supplied smart charger into the combined touch switch and charging port.

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