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Double Deuce Designs is a premium, patriotic apparel company that offers American-Made tees, and other high-quality apparel.

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Double Deuce Designs, LLC

Since late 2021, we have offered an exclusive line of clothing designs for men and women who share a deep, unapologetic passion and dedication to our country and the brave members of our armed services. By choosing Double Deuce Designs, you are not only supporting them through your purchase; you are also spreading awareness of mental health both on and off the battlefield. We are committed to giving back to the military community and mental health awareness by providing beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind, patriotic apparel that celebrates our country and supports hardworking Americans with good jobs by manufacturing each style of tee, right here in the U.S.A.
It all began when a young high school graduate with immense intestinal fortitude decided to turn his dreams into reality by joining one of the most elite teams ever known. This young patriot was courageous, ambitious, determined, and ready to support and defend the country he loves. He was a highly sought-after recruit who decided to become a devoted Airman by enlisting into the United States Air Force. His tenure began by servicing and maintaining an F-15 fighter aircraft with the tail number 2022. As nicknames are popular among the Military community, the F-15 fighter aircraft was known as the infamous “Double Deuce.”
Years later, this proud Military Veteran decided he wanted to give back to the Military community and in doing so, Double Deuce Designs was born. Named after the F-15 aircraft tail number, 2022, Double Deuce Designs is here with premium, patriotic apparel, needed to support and honor those brave individuals who were and still are committed to sacrificing everything to fight for our country and freedoms.
In addition to showing American pride, support, and patriotism with our American-Made tees, and other premium apparel, each purchase will assist in raising awareness for Veteran suicide. Unfortunately, military suicide continues to be a severe problem to this day. In fact, on average, twenty-two (22) Veterans take their lives every day. That is one Veteran every 65 minutes. This is twenty-two (22) lives too many. By purchasing our American-Made tees and other premium apparel you are supporting and helping our heroes combat suicide by raising awareness and destigmatizing the mental and emotional battles they continue to fight within. With each purchase, Double Deuce Designs is proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to Veteran organizations in efforts to make an impact on helping Veterans in need.
Lastly, by wearing our premium American-made tees, and other high-quality apparel, you proudly display your support and recognition for the tremendous stresses the Military lifestyle places on our heroes and their family. Additionally, you are also spreading the word of mental health, both on and off the battlefield. Let our heroes know that they are not alone. What are you waiting for? We proudly invite you to shop our premium American-Made Tees and other premium apparel to honor our Veterans, our Country, and our Flag. Grab your go-to, stylish apparel today to honor and SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

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