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Help others suffering from seemingly endless and permanent mental health conditions

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DocChristine Coaching Inc.

DocChristine Coaching was founded by Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND as a way to help others suffering from seemingly endless and permanent mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and others, and to find alternatives and show them the way out of the trap of being a victim to dis-ease and to truly start “Living Your Best Life”. Her own story of overcoming serious mental illness is meant as hope and inspiration to others who are still suffering.

Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND , grew up in Germany, raised two sons and became a physician.
She worked in her ex-husband’s family and naturopathic practice and then took a second residency in dermatology, naturopathy, allergology and phlebology. After being board-certified for these specialties she then opened her own practice in Germany, which grew rapidly.

Due to personal physical, followed by mental illness, she had to give up and sell her medical practice in Germany.
After her ex-husband’s death by suicide her sons and herself came to Halifax, NS in 1997.

She went through a deep health crisis and – after partially recovering – started actively searching for the newest and best nutrition, lifestyle, medical etc. information.
She eventually aligned her life with all her knowledge, experience and – utilizing help from other health professionals – became healthy again.

She then, after studying and taking multiple courses, (find most of her qualifications and German licenses on her about-page) decided to open her own Brain and Mental Health Coaching Business, to share her vast knowledge and experience and her unique view of conventional, alternative, functional and integrative medicine as well as her skills and knowledge in personal and character development, habit-forming, inspiration, enthusiasm and love with other people to help them re-build their health from the ground up.

She constantly educates herself, became a Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional & Coach, Licensed Brain Trainer (by Dr. Daniel Amen MD), joined Dr. Amen’s Teaching Team, is a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist (a practical variant of NLP created by Dr. Joseph McClendon III PhD, joined his teaching team also), a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Gastrointestinal Disease Specialist, and took many more courses and programs.

She is now working to help others overcome their challenges, optimize their Mental Health with her unique “Power Up Your Brain – System”, the “Recover Your Sparkle” System.

Her unique “Rapid Results – High Efficiency One-Time Coaching Sessions” deliver fast Results around a single issue.

Her clients value her as “The Doctor who KNOWS how I Feel” and enjoy her care, compassion and attention to detail, combined with just the right amount of accountability and a great sense of humor.

Dr. Christine is a prolific writer, bestselling author, course creator, radio, video and podcast host, engaging speaker and a dedicated team leader, researcher, and educator/teacher.

Her private hobbies are cooking with her husband, gardening, and her dog.

The mission of DocChristine Coaching is to Educate and Inspire People to Get and Stay Healthy and Well, Giving Them Direct and Practical Help to Achieve Lasting Health and Wellness for Body, Mind, Spirit, and their Relationships.

Their vision is a world where people are empowered to take responsibility for their own lives and their own mental, physical, social, and spiritual health and truly can live their best life, whatever that means for the individual.

One of her favorite quotes is: “If You’re Stuck in a Dark Place, Don’t Give Up! There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel for You, too!”
And “It is Never too late to start your best life”

Favorite Topics for her to write and teach about is Holistic Medicine and Health, Healthy Nutrition for all age groups, How to Use the Certainty of Death to Deal Better with the Uncertainties of Life, and everything related to Mental Health and Brain Health.

Individuals experience first-hand the rapid relief that even a single, focused high-efficiency session with Dr. Christine Sauer can bring about and the scientifically oriented and evidence-based roots of her knowledge and experience that she applies to everything she does.

With her longer-term clients she uses a sophisticated Assessment (she calls it the Turn-Around Assessment) leading to her unique Life Strategy Plan and Blueprint, that, when followed, will lead in most cases to full recovery from reversible illnesses. She is realistic enough to know that not in all cases a full recovery is possible and is happy to celebrate partial successes with her clients when appropriate.

She has been compared with a mountain guide, someone who knows the best roads to the top of the mountain (a symbol for the journey through life) and helps her clients choose – and then climb their mountains of life – or a gardener of people, that carefully prepares the correct bed and soil for her valuable plants, then helps to fertilize and grow them and loves to see them blossom and bear fruit from their combined efforts and the warmth of the sunlight that can symbolize human love and compassion, but also be applied to divine love and compassion, an area Dr. Christine is not afraid to wander.

Parents appreciate her Family Program that teaches the kids in a fun atmosphere about Brain Health as well as educates and coaches the parents about how to better parent a child with special needs and considerations, around difficulties that may arise of ADHD, depression, oppositional behavior, and others that can impact learning and success in life.

They often call it a “perfect marriage of science and nature”, reflected in her being as well a trained physician as well as a trained naturopath.

Her coaching sessions sparkle with care, compassion, energy, fun, joy and focused guidance around the topics that matter most to her clients’ rapid – and often full – recovery from their issues.

Having proven her own physicians, family doctors and psychiatrists as well as psychotherapists and counselors wrong, who believed for years that her diagnosis of severe depression and even psychosis was permanent and had to be treated with pharmaceutical medications and psychotherapy as the only options, she now helps interested clients around issues like safe and reasonable psychiatric drug withdrawal, drug and medication side effects, and possible complimentary and alternative therapies to those the clients are already using.

Having the full training of a physician, she is not opposed to appropriate use of medications, and has often discouraged her clients to discontinue or stop their medications against medical advice or – worse – without their doctor’s knowledge or a very good strategy plan to do so.

She likes to use a multitude of approaches from her vast trainings for her client’s recovery and is not afraid to ask for help from or refer clients who need it to other practitioners that may assist them better.

Her latest project is to show the story of life, the journey of transformation that can be achieved, in an inspirational (and perfectly imperfect) movie that she called “Becoming Sparkling Suzie” to inspire others to not give up the hope to their best life.

Watch and enjoy this movie on her website.

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