DNA Labs Pakistan

Pakistan, Lahore

DNA Labs Pakistan offers fully accredited DNA testing services anywhere in Pakistan and internationally.

Main Services:

DNA Paternity Test, Immigration DNA Testing, DNA Maternity Test , DNA Siblings Test , Grandparents DNA Test , Personal DNA Testing , Ancestry DNA Testing , Non Invasive Pre-Natal Testing , NIPT Paternity Testing , Court Admissible DNA Testing , Avuncular DNA Test , Genetic Testing , Couple Carrier Screening Test, Personal Paternity Test , Cousin DNA Test

DNA Labs Pakistan

We offer a broad range of peace of mind DNA testing/informational DNA testing and legal/court admissible DNA testing which is affordable to everyone. We have a broad portfolio of tests including DNA paternity testing, maternity testing, sibling testing, Kinship testing, dead body identifications, Immigration DNA testing, organ transplant DNA testing, cell line authentication and DNA profiling.

*Why Choose DNA Labs Pakistan?*

✅Providing fast, satisfactory and accurate DNA test services at most affordable prices in Pakistan.
✅Testing kits can be delivered to anywhere in UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada and Worldwide.
✅We offer a fast turn around time and affordable testing for our clients.
✅Our laboratory scientists handle your case and communicate with you throughout the entire process.
✅Our client’s personal data and samples are handled with the utmost confidentiality and security throughout the entire process.
✅We have a broad portfolio of tests including DNA paternity testing, maternity testing, sibling testing,dead body identifications, organ transplant DNA testing and DNA profiling.
✅If you are looking for a trusted and Certified DNA Laboratory that offers reliable DNA Testing Services.
✅We are the first testing company to open a Walk in Centre. We now have over 500 of these dedicated testing facilities across the Pakistan, UK, Italy, U.S.A, Ireland, Spain, Afghanistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc etc.
✅We were the first to establish a network of trained sample collectors available to collect samples nationwide and Worldwide.
✅We were the first company in the legal sector to achieve accreditation in DNA and toxicology work. Our DNA testing is recognized by the Ministry of Justice (UK) and USCIS.
✅We Hold the Most Prestigious DNA Testing Accreditations in the World 🌎 i.e aaBB, ISO/IEC 17025, Ministry of Justice ⚖️ (UK), NATA, DAkks,CAP.

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