Dina Nikolaou

Greece, Athens

Dina Nikolaou is a famous TV chef from Greece.

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Dina Nikolaou

She’s an awarded best foreign restaurant Paris 2017, a TV icon in Greece as well as a succesful book author. Dina’s gastronomical quest begun at a very young age and despite the fact that she started studying Finance & Marketing in Paris, her passion soon took over and pushed her into studying the culinary art. To make her lifetime dream come true, she studied in famous French culinary institutes such as «Le Cordon Bleu», «Ritz Escoffier», «Alain Ducasse formation» and «Lenotre». In Paris, Dina & her sister Maria created Evi Evane (www.evievane.com), a restaurant that would communicate their passion on gastronomy, Greek cuisine, Greek local products and their love for their home country. They soon created two delicatessen stores Evi Evane Traiteur & Evi Evane mézès where one
can find more than 150 different products coming from Greek local producers and order strictly Greek food. Dina has always believed that in order to succeed you must gain valuable knowledge and she wanted to share her knowledge, passion and experience through teaching in the culinary schools of Greece & France (Chef d’ Oeuvre, Le Monde, Le Cordon Bleu).

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