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Diagno Pest Control is home to top-rated exterminators in Philadelphia and now in Wyncote, Eastern Montgomery.

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Pest Control, Exterminator, Getting Rid of Mice, Get Rid of Roaches, Ant Exterminator, Flea Treatment, Termite Treatment, Bed Bug Control, Wasp Removal, Centipedes, Spiders, Crickets

Diagno Pest Control

We put the focus back on figuring out the source of home pest issues and eliminating them from the source. We have been in the works to develop the region’s first extermination service menu where people can pick the service they need and read all about it. They also get the exact price they’re expected to pay, all before even calling, like a restaurant’s menu.

Diagno professional exterminators follow best practice guidelines in all their pest exterminating services. We treat our customers like a community and offer value-added services that are sometimes not even in the job description because we’re all human first. Our extermination services are focused and streamlined and cover all kinds of living space insects and rodents that can become pests.

Our rodent exclusion service helps customers get rid of mice and rats by performing a full, foot-by-foot inspection of homes that uncover points of entry which we then seal to prevent mice and rats from getting in. That means we will pull out appliances such as stoves, fridges, and dishwashers and then check all the rooms for possible entry points that need to be sealed.

Getting rid of roaches starts with identifying the cockroach issue, which usually boils down to either German, American, or Oriental Roaches. German Roaches infest homes by lay eggs under appliances and in cracks and crevices. We eradicate these roaches by using edible bait that we apply near all their hiding spots, then add a spot treatment to that throughout the place to get the ones that move around. We exterminate Amerian and Oriental Roaches by treating the interior and exterior barrier with residual chemicals that get rid of roaches by killing them on contact, which eliminates the pheromone trail that invites more in. The American and Oriental Roach treatment comes with a month of guarantee.

Termite treatments are done in different ways; we offer the liquid one. With the liquid treatment, we can guarantee the termites’ extermination by injecting the termiticide solution into every foot of the exterior perimeter, intercepting termites, and getting rid of them within three months. We guarantee that for two years, that can be extended to 3 more years.

We offer six-month-guaranteed bed bug exterminating services. These exterminations include mattresses and couches, so you don’t need to worry about replacing furniture; we treat everything to save you money. Guaranteed.

Another six-month guaranteed service that we offer is flea treatment. When we treat fleas, we cover the complete floor surfaces of your home to ensure that existing and jumping fleas get killed when they contact our applied chemicals. Additionally, their eggs will not be able to develop into adult fleas, so we break that cycle.

Other guaranteed extermination services that we offer include ants, wasps, centipedes, spiders, and crickets. All these insect exterminator services come with a month of guarantee, and we can do that by making sure we’re as thorough as possible inside and around your living space.

So if you have a pest issue in your living space and want a diagnosis-based treatment that ensures their elimination, call Diagno Pest Control. Our service menu is simple and available online and by phone. We’re easy.

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