Derek Anson Photography

United Kingdom, Essex

Derek Anson Photography has been documenting wonderful weddings of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK since 2010.

Main Services:

Wedding Photography, Wedding Photographer

Derek Anson Photography

Based in Billericay, Essex, Derek Anson has been using a style of photography known as documentary wedding photography to capture weddings in a relaxed and unobtrusive way.

Documentary wedding photography is also known as candid, relaxed, and photojournalistic, which all mean the same thing, capturing and documenting an event without interfering or staging situations.

The benefits of having your wedding day captured in a documentary style allow you complete freedom to do as you please, and to plan a celebration centred around what’s important to you. You two, your friends, and your family.

By allowing a documentary photographer complete freedom to operate without restrictions and shot lists, you’ll be maximising the opportunity in allowing them to capture meaningful images packed with emotion. Resulting in images that mean more and images that will be cherished for years to come.

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