Depot Creative

Australia, Sydney

Packaging design that builds visionary brands, responsibly.

Main Services:

Strategy\/Naming\/Positioning\/Packaging Design\/Branding Design\/Structural Design\/3D packaging Renders\/Project Management\/Production Management

Depot Creative

At Depot, we know brands face immense challenges in the struggle to exist in harmony with our planet.
As packaging designers, the decisions we make impact the environment, that’s why we’re committed to
helping our clients create packaging design that builds visionary brands, responsibly.

We believe beautiful design should be as considered as it is desirable. Depot are packaging thinkers,
creators and innovators with over 21 years of experience, working collaboratively to help brands realise
their dreams through creativity and responsible design.

Our design principles guide our thinking from material sourcing, manufacturing to end of life to ensure
brands transition to more efficient, responsible packaging, while our own commitments will look to
better Depot’s impact on the world.

Bring us your dream, we’ll make it irresistible. Whether it’s food & drink, fragrance & beauty or wellness & lifestyle, we design packaging that elevates your brand to its rightful place in the world. Let’s work together to create positive outcomes for packaging, our future planet and people.

Our select set of skills neatly covers all aspects of the consumer product packaging process:
Brand Strategy | Brand Identity | | Packaging Design | Structural Design | Packaging
Communication | Artwork | 3D Renders | Print/Production Management

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