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DeliveryBizConnect (DBC Technologies Ltd.) is a Restaurant Online Ordering System providing online ordering for restaurants coupled with a Restaurant Mobile Ordering App built on top of our industry leading restaurant CRM.

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When used according to our team of restaurant consultants’ restaurant best practices, it can increase restaurant sales 23% in 6 to 8 months by automatically collecting your restaurant customer data and utilizing it a series of automated restaurant promotion campaigns.

We help you automatically collect your customer data like email addresses, mobile phone numbers for text/SMS messaging campaigns, and mobile app downloads for instant time sensitive push notification campaigns.

We help your restaurant increase sales an average of 23% over the next 6 to 8 months. Sales of just $1000/day or $30,000/month could result in $6900/month increase in sales.
o This is done by utilizing your data in DBC’s restaurant CRM to make offers and updates to your customers by email and text message.
o Announce new items, happy hour menus, special deals for coming early.
o Have time sensitive specials. Sawbucks Pub our client did a “free shrimp appy if you come before the end of the hockey game and show this text message” with just 1000 text messages going out, and in 2 hours generated an additional $1180 in sales.

• We also reduce online ordering and delivery fees by $1500/month with FREE pickup orders and 3.33% deliveries with our premium drivers.
• Our system “hijacks” 30% of your expensive pick up and delivery orders for an average savings of $3 on pickups and $6.50 on deliveries and you automatically collect your customer contact data.
• We provide automated templates with pre-written content for you to use once you have collected enough data.
$8400/month difference for you…

Want to know about a secret weapon you can use to automatically deploy your restaurant promotions in the battle for restaurant efficiency and profitability?

What is the Secret Weapon?
Your Restaurant Customer Data

Coupled with a Restaurant CRM

Are you currently collecting your restaurant customers data?
What kind of customer data are you collecting?
1. Email addresses?
2. Mobile Phone Numbers?
3. Social media followers?
If you are collecting your customer data, are you using it in a proper Restaurant CRM to get the maximize your restaurant promotions value from of it?

Automated and semi-automated Email marketing is more powerful than it has ever been. Email marketing generates a 3700% return on investment, or said another way, for every $1 spent email marketing generates $38 in ROI.
* According to VentureBeat, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers
Email marketing beats social media marketing by 40x for restaurant customer acquisition.
* According to McKinsey, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter

According to Experian, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

Read on for more creative ways to automatically collect and utilize your customer data to increase sales 23% or $6900/month for your average small restaurant with sales of around $500,000/year over the next 6 – 8 months.

You have higher sales? Congratulations as your sales increase will still be around 23% of your current annual sales.
Need to know more about you can automatically collect your customer data?

Do you wish you could just have somebody set all this automation up for you?

If so, we would be happy to help you. We have some very attractive packages to help you do just that.

Here is a Power Tip from our Restaurant Consultants

How to Hijack your Restaurant Competitors Customer Data

DeliveryBizConnect currently deals with thousands of restaurants across Canada and the USA.

We Noticed some Disturbing Trends
Many small independent restaurants we spoke with have adjusted their delivery/takeout menus up by 15% to 30% to cover the costs of the expensive delivery apps.
They report the high cost of these 3rd party apps is no longer affecting their business and they want to get rid of pickup and delivery anyway.

3 Disturbing Truths About These Trends
First -They operate on the assumption the current climate of overly busy understaffed restaurants for dine-in will last forever.

They have not considered as inflation is skyrocketing and recession looms the public is getting price shocked on things, they weren’t concerned with even a few months ago.

They have forgotten the pandemic lockdowns…

Many pandemic scientists are warning a new covid strain could pop up and have restaurants back to lockdowns.
Raised prices on takeout and delivery menus are frustrating restaurant customers. They never used to notice as they didn’t dine in. As they see the extra 30% for delivery and takeout on the big apps, they feel the restaurant is not being ethical.

We in the restaurant industry all know this is not true. Sadly, when it comes to the public, perception is reality.

Second -They should not be trying to eliminate pickup and delivery.
The big restaurant companies have figured out delivery and takeout are a permanent part of profitability now and are doubling down their efforts to make it more cost effective and efficient.
They have also found it is easier to staff for pickup and delivery than it is for dine-in. Focussing on keeping delivery and pickup saves on overbooked restaurants without enough wait staff, bus people, host/hostesses etc.

Essentially, they have learned it takes less staff to handle pickup and delivery prep and easier to hire staff than front of house.

Third and Most Importantly – They have not recognized the unbelievable opportunity to increase sales with minimal staff increase by deploying the secret weapon we mentioned.

Remember the Secret Weapon?

Your Restaurant Customer Data?

What if you could let all your customers using the expensive (20%+ of order) takeout and delivery apps know about your own online/mobile ordering system where the prices were not inflated for pickup or delivery?

How about offer an incentive to try it the first time like free chips and salsa, free french fries, free edamame, free potato chips, free soup, or any other high profit margin small dish to give it a try vs. the other expensive apps? Your free item would likely cost you far less than the big apps 20% of order or more…

If you had your customer data, this would be simple. Without it, how do you let them know?

Our research has shown at 1 single piece of restaurant customer data, used in respectful email and txt message marketing campaigns can increase a restaurants sales by $26.65/year.

Delivery and pickup orders are slowing down dramatically with the big apps as reported in their latest news releases and profit warnings.

Many owners are interpreting this as their customers are not interested in pickup and delivery anymore. The big restaurant groups know this to be untrue.

Many of our Mobile ordering app users are suggesting they simply can’t afford all the extra fees and super high menu prices for delivery and even pickup from many restaurants.

This puts an extra load on understaffed restaurants as dine-in explodes.

The only way for a restaurant customer to save the extra fees is to dine in OR order from a restaurant with their OWN online/mobile ordering pickup and delivery system.

A system cost effective enough to the restaurant they do NOT have to raise the menu prices on.

Back to Data…

Even if you had such a system how would you let your customers know?

Easy if you have your data… If not…

What if you had a system to hijack pickup and delivery orders from the expensive 3rd party apps and bring them to your own online/mobile ordering system without the massive 10% to 30% of order fees? What if every order that came in you got your data to use in a restaurant CRM?

That would be like a $26.65/order subsidy as you now know how much a piece of data is worth!

You wouldn’t need the menus to be inflated by 20% or more like you do for the big apps for pickup and delivery.
You would gain attention for having less expensive takeout and delivery in your community.

Your competitors’ customers would start to pick you instead.

But how do you get enough data to educate your customers while you hijack the data from the big apps?

Your dine-in customers.

What if we you had a mobile app, with your branding, to offer your dine-in guests? One that once they download it, has allowed them to join your mailing list.

A simple laminated table talker on the table offering them a small incentive to download the app, while they wait for dine in service would have the customers’ data flowing in nicely and automatically.

Last time when the pandemic hit and we were forced to lockdowns, did you have your customer data list to invite them to order directly from you?

Or, were you forced to “join for free” but pay 20% to 30% of their order to the expensive third-party apps for bringing you YOUR PRE-EXISTING CUSTOMER?

Sadly 94% of our customers answer “No” to having their data, and “Yes” to accepting to join for, “FREE” and suffered terribly.

Remember, 1 piece of restaurant data used properly in sales automation can increase your annual sales by $26.65, year after year?

Here is a quick example of how fast you can accumulate your data from dine-in customers automatically.

Say you have 5 tables for 2, and 5 tables for 4, so 30 people maximum capacity. If you turn your tables just 2 times per day, that is 60 potential pieces of data you can collect per day, or 1800 in a month. Throw in your pickup and delivery customers and within a few months you will capture most of your regulars and have a database of at least 3000 people.

3000 x $26.65 each in sales increase = $79,950 or $6662.50/month more sales.

Our proprietary Restaurant CRM comes preloaded with numerous customized campaigns and relevant deal/discount/happy hour promotions you can use this collected data to drive sales with just the push of a button.

Does this all sound too hard?

DeliveryBizConnect increases your dine-in and online sales 23% or $6900/month over 6 to 8 months and will recession and lockdown proof your restaurant.

You will also reduce online ordering and delivery fees by $1500/month with FREE pickups and 3.33% deliveries with our premium drivers.

That’s an $8400 a month change to your cashflow.
DBC is a Canadian Online and Mobile ordering Platform with a built in Restaurant CRM and AUTOMATED Customer

Data Collection.

Do you wish you could just have somebody set all this automation up for you?

We would be happy to be of service

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